My translator Dr Richard McClary just translated a overview over Bibel stories and verses concerning hospitality, which you can download here.

The Bible sees hospitality as a prime way to establish friendship and communion and to give testimony in a real life, wholistic setting. Hospitality is the basic method of peace building and of accepting people from other peoples and faith! Christians in the West have much to learn from Christians worldwide here. This are the results:

  • The host can practically prove his love.
  • He can get to know new people.
  • He can learn about other cultures without traveling.
  • He can learn to understand others better.
  • He can let everyone know that he loves his enemies.
  • He can teach others to love their enemies.
  • He can build trust.
  • He can win friends.
  • He can help preserve peace in the world.
  • He can casually communicate the Gospel in practical life.
  • He can make it clear that faith in Jesus Christ takes place in practical, everday life and does not only consist of nice words.
  • He can take the spasmodic nature out of pastoral discussions.
  • He can communicate important truths to his children.
  • He can accustom his children to the idea of loving all people.
  • He can break himself and others of prejudices.
  • He can learn to share and do without.
  • And there is much more.

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