US and British ambassadors win debate in London

(Bonn Profiles News 21/2013 – No. 257) The London University Model United Nations (LUMUN) is the largest existing simulation of the different United Nations organs and other forums of international relations and asks young people to take on the role of world leaders. The 2013 LUMIN was attended by 1,500 students from all continents.

Johannes Manthey and David Schirrmacher, the drafters of the resolution

Taking on the role of an Ambassador to the UN, participants experience the complexities of international policy formation at first hand.

The resolution was drafted and initiated by the United States of America (USA), represented by David Schirrmacher, student enrolled in the Bachelor programme BWL/General Management at European Business School, Germany. Schirrmacher and UK-colleague Johannes Manthey debated the resolution for hours against the opposition of countries like North Korea and Cuba.

The resolution was finally voted with 80% in favour.

The resolution urges “the creation of a MENA regional Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Egypt in order to uphold stability and Human Rights in this region”. and it calls on the states involved in the Arab spring “to secure access for all girls to have equal education, as recognizing that education of girls will be vital to increasing the position of women in society”.

The London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) held its first conference in 2000. It has a reputation for an exceptional standard of debate. Since 2011 it takes place in 20 venues of the Imperial College in London.



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