Uwe Siemon-Netto, in “Poison directly to the Heart,” which appeared in the Rheinische Merkur newspaper (No. 19, May 7, 2005), wrote the following: “It appears odd that of all people, in the culture war the African-American Barack Obama is on the side of people such as Tiller and Sebelius. Abortion is a form of genocide against blacks: This wording on a banner in front of a Planned Parenthood facility in St. Louis was not an exaggeration. Rather, it corresponds to the statistics of all relevant institutes. Blacks account for only 12.3% of American women, but 37% of all babies killed are black; half of the pregnancies of black women end violently. In many black neighborhoods there is one live birth for every three abortions, states Rev. Clenard Childress, an African-American pastor. Abortion is the largest killer in our local community. Several years ago in southern California 15,000 dead fetuses were found in waste containers behind a clinic; 12,000 of them were black. It counts as a confusing fact of American politics that blacks almost exclusively vote for Democrats, where one finds that a commitment to the right to an abortion has become unshakeable dogma. 78% of all Planned Parenthood clinics, also the one in St.Louis, are located in black residential areas, and this is not by accident: the founder of this organization was the eugenicist Margaret Singer (1879-1966), who had the habit of speaking before the Ku Klux Klan and who advocated a rigid policy of sterilization and segregation of the weaker parts of the population, such as blacks , Irish Catholics, and the poor.”

If this had to do with some other topic beside Abortion, it would be a scandal of the first order. European media would confront the USA on its underlying racism, Anti-discrimination programs would be called for and the topic would be discussed daily. Since, however, a broad reactivation of the abortion discussion is not desired, the fortune of the black population is also not discussed.

Something similar also applies to gender selection procedures which happen a million times over and where boys are more significantly valued than girls, for instance in China, India, and the Islamic world. Indeed this is happening increasingly around the world. Just most recently The Swedish National Institute of Public Health officials have decided that abortion on the basis of gender may not be denied. There is the case of a mother who had two daughters and had already aborted two additional girls. She wanted to abort the third girl, since she at that point only wanted to have a boy. If this case did not have to do with abortion, it would be a scandal of the first order, and women’s representatives from around the world would protest.


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