The world’s leading scholar in Middle Eastern Royal Succession presents a sworn statement about the Royal Rights of the House of Ghassan. He describes the history of the ruling dynasty from 220 B.C. to 1747! The Arabic and the English version are sowrn in documents. We also provide a German translation. (See PDF download below.)

The Armenian scholar Dr Joseph A. Kéchichian is Senior Fellow at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and the leading authority on Middle Eastern Royal succession of ruling and other dynasties in the world today.

Here is the result of his expertise:

“Consequently, HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu‘man VIII (born Ahnume Guerios) is a direct descendant of the Ghassanid Kings and the Shaykhs El Chemor/Shoummar.  He is the sole claimant to the headship of the Royal House of Ghassan with germane claims that are in absolute harmony with Middle Eastern laws of succession and tribal customs.  Critically, he has the bay’ah [loyalty oath] from the heads of the El Chemor/Shoummar family members and, as such, a legitimate claim to his crown.”

Joseph A. KechichianJoseph A. Kéchichian published the following books beside many articles on the Middle East and its royal houses:

  • From Alliance to Union: Challenges Facing Gulf Cooperation Council States in the Twenty-First Century (2016)
  • ‘Iffat Al Thunayan: An Arabian Queen (2015).
  • Legal and Political Reforms in Saudi Arabia (2013)
  • Faysal: Saudi Arabia’s King for All Seasons (2012)
  • Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies (2008, Arab translation: 2012)
  • Faysal: Saudi Arabia’s King for All Seasons (2008)
  • Political Participation and Stability in the Sultanate of Oman (2005)
  • (with R. Hrair Dekmejian) The Just Prince: A Manual of Leadership (2003)
  • Succession in Saudi Arabia (2001, Arab translation: Beirut 2002)
  • (editor) Iran, Iraq, and the Arab Gulf States (2001)
  • (editor) A Century in Thirty Years: Shaykh Zayed and the United Arab Emirates (2000)
  • Oman and the World: The Emergence of an Independent Foreign Policy (1995)

S.K.H. Prinz Gharios El Chemor von Ghassan, Ecumenical Patriarch, Thomas SchirrmacherHere are some reports of my activities and travels with HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu‘man VIII:


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