Thomas Schirrmacher took part in a small preview of the upcoming MGM & Paramount film “Ben Hur” together with the producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Here is his statement:

“To outdo the famous chariot race scene from 1959 might be seen by some as hybris, but having seen the new version, I only can say Hollywood is at its best! But while this scene in the 1959 and earlier and later adaptions of Ben Hur overshadowed the real story of Ben Hur, which had been told by the author, Lew Wallace, so that all those films could have ended with the chariot scene, this time the emotional and personal transformation of Ben Hur is so powerful, that one is eager to go on after the chariot race. It is a timely message of reconciliation and peace in a war-torn world! This is Hollywood at its best, with both outward and inward drama, sending the best message of all times deep into the heart of a new generation. Superb! I hope that faith communities worldwide will use the opportunities the film offers.”

Thomas Schirrmacher, Chair, Theological Commission, World Evangelical Alliance, President, International Society for Human Rights


Thomas Schirrmacher with the producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.


On the film:

On Mark Burnett and Roma Downey:


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