A friendly helper from the organiser typed my special address as Chair oft he Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance to the Pan-Asia TEE conference in October 2010 in Kathmandu, Nepal, from the recording only recently. This is why I offer it now – nearly two years later. The pdf is in the form I got from the organisers. At the conference 75 leaders in TEE from 27 Asian countries representing appr. 100.000 students discussed the future of TEE.

One paragraph is more general why I copy it here:

“The Theological Commission is aware that our biggest theological problem is not to define our theology, but to make sure that everyone who becomes a Christian gets a chance to understand at least the basics of our faith. Otherwise we’ll have a situation where only the top people know their theology. The top tier will become more and more knowledgeable and we’ll lose the millions on the bottom, even while we may rejoice at huge numbers apparently coming to Christian faith. But this is against everything Evangelicals stand for! Every believer should read his Bible, study the world around him, and become a solid mature world Christian!”


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