An Atheist kills a Christian in Freiburg because, among other things, she did not consider homosexuality fitting behavior.

First of all, here are a few short sentences from a longer report worth reading. The report appeared in the newspaper Die WELT:

“Freiburg: A 25-year-old killed a Christian flatmate due to ‘hatred of religion’ […] On Monday, the court sentenced him to life in prison. The man, originally from the Baden-Württemberg, confessed to having murdered his 31-year-old flatmate five months earlier. His motive: the lady’s religious beliefs. He felt hatred and contempt for them. […]

The 31-year-old woman was from Paderborn in North Rhine-Westphalia and had moved into the shared student flat ten days prior thereto. She was a Christian and active in church, and she wanted to work in a house of prayer in Freiburg. Prior to the fatal act, her sole flatmate, the man who has been sentenced to the prison term, had already twice sought to quarrel with her due to her religious beliefs. On the day of the fatal offense, he finally stormed into the woman’s room, asked her for her point of view on same-sex marriage, and then, when she had expressed her rejection of such marriage, stabbed her. He had hidden a knife in a pocket of his pants. […] She fled into the stairwell, where the flatmate stabbed her several times in the back. The 31-year-old died at the scene of the crime. […]

The presiding judge, Eva Kleine-Cosack, stated in her court opinion that the fatal act and the motive were difficult to understand. The victim was religious. However, her flatmate was not affected by it. Furthermore, he hardly knew the woman. The judge said, ‘He killed her as a representative for all believers because he could not kill all believers.’ According to the court, he planned the murder and deliberately committed it.”

Picture: Profane depiction on a door at the University of Marburg during a conference on Christian sexual ethics

Profane depiction on a door at the University of Marburg during a conference on Christian sexual ethics

Consider the reverse situation, a situation where a male or female Christian were to kill someone because that individual had a positive attitude towards homosexuality. The case would have landed on the front page of newspapers and websites and for decades would have been cited as proof of Christians’ readiness to use violence – as has been the case with the murders of abortion doctors decades ago and in the case of a sole individual who burned a Koran. The case indeed made headlines, but the fact was disregarded that someone was killed because that individual – peacefully and not publicly – called Catholic teaching on homosexuality her own and was for others “homophobic,” as one might say. That simply falls by the wayside, and a commendably researched article in Die WELT unfortunately does nothing to change it.

Additional reports (in German):