Attached is a honorary lecture I presented at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Padernborn end of 2010, which now has been translated. It is an updated summary of my book on Internet Pornography, published in German, Russian and Rumanian.

Let me just quote some of my thesis as an appetizer:

1. Thesis: Pornography is the major misleading tool of the sex education of children and adolescents.

2. Thesis: If pornography was once the taboo, today it is one of the greatest taboos to critically deal with it or to question for whom it possibly has negative consequences.

3. Thesis: For quite a number of groups of people and individuals concerned, pornography has negative psychological consequences and can damage and inhibit real sexuality.

8. Thesis: Internet pornography spawns increasingly brutal depictions and scenes, among them unbelievably violent orgies, the mere description of which can disturb other people. This is the case even as the market for soft pornography is likewise growing.

11. Thesis: Given the idiosyncracies of the internet, individuals who are addicted to internet pornography also need particular ways of being helped, counseled, and attended to. This should also become a topic for pastoral care and counseling within the church, for instance because excessive use of internet pornography can develop into a frequent contributing factor in divorce.

PDF-Download: Internpornography Paderborn 2010 (English 2012)


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