In the evangelical world we find a multitude of end-times models, which can be roughly assigned to different schools and which we will discuss below. These conflicting models are each supported by a variety of often-combatting representatives and groups. The large number of concrete predictions that have not come to pass, as well as the large number of interpretations that were once very prominent but are no longer convincing to anyone (consider for instance Soviet Russia’s previous role in prophecy), can now only be seen as embarrassing. But at the same time, this diversity of opinions is a tremendous challenge to evangelical hermeneutics. For of what use is our commitment to the Bible as our supreme standard if one can derive from it any number of future models, which can in turn be used to support or question every suitable political constellation?




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  1. Paul Hemming says:

    Thank you, Bishop Schirrmacher for this excellent summary.

    I did not see the end-times position I lean towards; progressive dispensational premillennialism with a prewrath rapture. It’s falls somewhere between classical and dispensational premillennialism, but with a better handling of Scripture (IMHO).

    I wonder, have you considered this view? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this?

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